3D Total Textures Vol.7 Release v.2.0 :"Sci-Fi"


1 Tháng mười một 2010
3D Total Textures Vol.7 Release v.2.0 :"Sci-Fi"

3D Total Textures vol 7 Release 2.0: "Sci-Fi" | 961 MB

Total Textures vol.7 Release 2.0: "Sci-Fi" contains 642 individual materials comprising of over 2573 individual hand-crafted texture maps. Many of the maps have been supplied three times in three different stages of degradation - clean dirty and rusted and many of the maps follow on in a theme to enable the texturing of many objects with different textures
About 3DTotal
It all started in June 1999 as a project to make a simple 3D resource site. . . . Then in July 2001 we released Version 2of the 3DTotal sitewhich was seen by 100000 visitors each month. The latest figures show a tremendous growth to over 1.5 million monthly visitor sessions.
We have many updates and site improvements planned which will increase traffic and revenue which in turn will be reinvested creating a cycle of continued growth for 3D Total. For now please enjoy the sites daily news on the frontpage free model libraries galleries interviews articles tutorials and products. Stay tuned for the forthcoming features : 3DTotal Training DVD's 3DTotal Book's Ever growing free libraries and galleries
About 3D Total Textures vol.7 Release 2.0: "Sci-Fi"
The Original Total Texture collection was created in 2003 utilising the best methods and technology of the time. Since then techniques and technology have both moved forward and here at 3DTotal we felt that although the original collection is still widely used and highly regarded among artists and studios of all calibers it was time for an update. Many of the maps have been supplied 3 times in 3 different stages of degradation - clean dirty and rusted and many of the maps follow on in a themes to enable the texturing of many objects with different textures.
This enormously improved versionof the original texture collection now contains 642 individual Materials (576 on v7:r1) comprising of over 2573 individual hand crafted texture maps. Every Texture now has its own unique colour map bump map and in some cases specular normal map and alpha maps. There is too much bonus material to mention but alpha maps come into play planet surfaces and hi-res star fields can also be found not to mention the wealth of content in the tutorial sections.....
You can view some of the many tutorials created using our textures over the years in the tutorial section
DVD Contents:
- 14 Alien Sign Textures
- 17 Control Panel Textures
- 8 Logo Textures
- 56 Number Textures
- 20 SS 'set' Textures
- 30 TPOD 'set' Textures
- 44 UNS 'set' Textures
- 49 Symbol Textures
- 27 Ceiling Textures
- 16 Container Textres
- 26 Damage Textures
- 8 Dirt Map Textures
- 9 Dish Textures
- 32 Door Textures
- 31 Floor Textures
- 27 Girder Textures
- 11 Gun Flare Textures
- 14 Handle Textures
- 13 Hatch Textures
- 9 Hose Textures
- 46 Hull Textures
- 12 Material Textures
- 13 Rocket / Engine Textures
- 22 Stars & Planets Textures
- 29 Tile Textures
- 14 Vent Textures
- 44 Wall Textures
- 3 Window Textures
For optimum viewing we recommend that you copy the entire contents of the DVD to your hard drive

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